Are ingredients also active substances? What are active ingredients anyway?

It's no secret that ingredients that make up more than 1% of the concentration in a product are listed on the packaging in the ingredients list. All active ingredients are listed in the list of ingredients: oils, as well as fillers, preservatives, perfumes or consistency enhancers and emulsifiers that a product contains. These ingredients are listed in descending order of their respective weight percentages.

For example, the water “aqua” is a well-known filler, which gives the product consistency and fills the product. That is why water (aqua) is always the top priority in almost many products, both in care cosmetics and in shampoo, facial tonic and toothpaste. Water has no special effect on the skin, it evaporates due to the lack of heat and disappears completely.

The active ingredients are those that perform a function. We say these are effective little helpers that make our skin more beautiful and healthier. And it is precisely these active ingredients that are the precious foundations of our natural cosmetics for mothers, children and babies.

That's why we immediately agreed when preparing the recipe that many raw materials had to be exchanged and replaced with others that, as little helpers, protect, regenerate and care for the skin well. Because this requirement for natural cosmetics has not been certified for natural cosmetics so far. Because the current certification for natural cosmetics allows water and alcohol.

Alcohol is a "tricky" ingredient and is often used in natural cosmetics and usually follows closely behind "aqua" in the INCI (ingredients). It has the preserving function and is also often obtained from plants (you may know Vodka Gorbatschow or Capirinhas and such :P). But alcohol also causes dry skin.

I've also heard that emulsifiers are classified as "allergens". yes it depends If you want to use PEG (polyethylene glycols), OK. PEG is synthetically manufactured. It is therefore very cheap and is often used in cosmetics. Emulsifiers are connectors for water and oil phases. As an example like the egg in the mayonnaise. The result is the creaminess of the mayonnaise. These PEGs not only bind the fats from the product, but also the protective fats within your skin. Thus, the natural skin barrier could be so weakened that without a protective film the skin cannot and will not store enough moisture. The more cream is applied, the drier the skin becomes. The skin loses its elasticity, looks tired and leads to faster wrinkling.

But there are also emulsifiers that are made from natural sources and have a moisturizing effect in addition to the water-oil binding function. Wow, such a great product, why isn't it used everywhere in cosmetics?

Because it's all a matter of cost.

Demand determines supply. We are already spoiled by the numerous selection of great products from the conventional manufacturers. We are also used to constantly testing new products from the market. If we don't like the new products, we simply try others. Therefore, every manufacturer constantly produces modifications of the products. And we always demand new “innovations”. The only result is that our bathroom is full of colorful products that are forgotten after a certain time anyway.

Consider the low-price segment:

In the low-price segment, the calculation is top-down. First, the lowest possible selling price is determined. Product development is then based on this budget. Thus, the selection of the ingredients is made very strongly or exclusively from the point of view of costs. As a result, inferior qualities are usually used, the raw materials of which we sometimes find again in the "car industry", i.e. in the tyres.

With Naturalsophy you are in good hands. You no longer need to worry about ingredients.

Because we are of the opinion that quality should also be affordable. That's why we've calculated our prices so hard that we give so many mums and babies access to our products - the best of nature.

This is part of our Natural Philosophy.

The best for you and your baby.