Sesame oil, a versatile care miracle

The sesame plant was already around 3,000 BC. Cultivated and is therefore one of the oldest oil plants in the world. In the past, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used sesame as an oil and spice. Back then in Greece, sesame oil was used as body anointing during childbirth. The sesame that we also consume comes from a wild species from South Asia. A distinction is made between black and white sesame. Roasted they taste nutty and delicious.

For the production of our Organic Wonder Oil, the sesame oil is extracted from the seeds. Sesame oil is not only the icing on the cake in dishes such as salads - it is also used in body and skin care thanks to the natural substance sesamolin and vitamin E it contains. Both are powerful antioxidants and work against free radicals and naturally prevent premature skin aging.

As body care, sesame oil is a blessing for the skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves a light, natural sun protection factor. The effect of sesame oil lies in the content of about 44% polysaturated linoleic acids, which support skin cells. Offers a natural protective function of the skin and has a calming effect. Sesame oil also has a soothing effect on neurodermatitis, reduces itching and thus redness.
Precisely because of this high quality, sesame is rarely used as a base oil, but only mixed with other ingredients.

The main component of the Organic Wonder Oil consists of organic sesame oil and a fruity oil cocktail. As in nutrition, the right ratio between oleic acids (e.g. omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids) is also decisive in skin care. Exactly in this special composition of the organic oils to each other, these active ingredients achieve the best results and can be very well absorbed by the skin .