High-quality facial oil – How do I care for my skin in autumn with Organic Wonder Oil

The Organic Wonder Oil is a wonder talent in skin care not only for babies, but also for us! We always say that a good oil should work deep in the skin and not on the skin's surface as a sticky layer that is eventually rubbed off by clothes.

The Organic Wonder Oil is not only moisturizing, nourishing, has an anti-aging effect, gives elasticity and works against cellulite and stretch marks. Everyone can use a good oil, babies, pregnant women, adults. Without age limit.

Because the quality of our raw materials makes it possible for the oil to be used safely in all age groups and to provide the skin with intensive care.

Today we will show you a few areas of application and tricks on how you can best care for your skin with the Organic Wonder Oil:

As a facial elixir, the oil can be used after thoroughly cleansing the face.

Rub a few drops of facial oil through your hands and massage onto facial skin to get the full effect of the product on your skin. Be careful not to rub it in your hands for too long, so that the active ingredients do not develop and care for your hands before they reach the skin of your face.

The Organic Wonder Oil is particularly suitable as an intensive base for a mask. For example after a peeling before you apply the mask to your face. A few more drops of Organic Wonder Oil on the skin and gently massage in, then apply the mask directly to the face that is still "oily" and let the oil soak into the mask.

Remove the mask from your face as usual or wipe it off your face with a wet cloth. Afterwards you can pamper your skin with Organic Beauty Cream.

The Organic Wonder Oil can be used for every type. If the skin is extremely dry, the oil can be applied again after it has been absorbed.

If you have oily skin or acne, the oil can be applied as normal. As soon as the skin is supplied with enough fat, it can reduce its own production and this reduces sebum production and thus fewer pimples, blemishes and irritations.

With many natural antioxidants in our miracle oil, we have a natural anti-aging effect that not only fills in the lines so that they appear more subtle, but also has a preventive effect against wrinkles.

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