“Our goal is to beautify the everyday life of every mum. With the organic certified natural active ingredients in high quality, our products for children and mums are developed to meet the need of the skin – protection, care, moisture and regeneration. Only the best for you and your family.”

-Sijiao Feng-Göhringer, founder of NATURALSOPHY


NATURALSOPHY stands for NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. We are an organic cosmetics line that is simple in our composition, natural and of the highest quality.

When a pediatrician prescribed a cortisone ointment for my 6-month-old daughter Sophie’s eczema, I thought back to the reason why she had the condition in the first place.

I knew that the eczema had been inflamed from using conventional baby-care products but I didn’t know why. Although I bought them with the best of intentions, I really had no idea what unknown chemicals I was putting on my baby’s skin.

I didn’t know that the vast majority of baby products contain silicones, paraffins, microplastics, preservatives, synthetic perfumes and even alcohol – a common ingredient in natural cosmetics but one that tends to dry out baby’s delicate skin. Most likely you also do not know what is in your baby’s skincare products. You are not alone. Many mothers like you and I struggle with this.

A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. It is five times thinner than an adult’s and does not yet have the protective mechanisms and lipid film it will gain when fully developed. This makes it easy for pollutants to absorb through the skin into the baby’s body. As a result, the skin loses moisture and is easily susceptible to irritation and inflammation.

How then, can we expect our little wonders to tolerate ingredients such as silicones, paraffins, mineral oils, PEGs and synthetic fragrances?

As a concerned mother, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted a high-quality, yet affordable range of organic skin care products with no added water, no alcohol or other listed preservatives or chemicals.

Using my education as an ecotrophologist and food economist, I’ve been working for the past 14 years studying vitamins, trace elements, nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids, observing how they work in relation to each other.

With this expertise and in collaboration with scientific and aromatherapeutic partners, my team and I have found the most important natural active ingredients for NATURALSOPHY. Ingredients that are naturally self-healing, anti-corrosive, regenerating and moisturizing.

We believe that every child and every mother deserves the best and most natural care solutions for the purest and healthiest skin.

This is the philosophy we believe in. This is NATURALSOPHY.