The perfect skin care routine for mums & "must-to-knows" - with these easy steps to clearer skin. Despite little sleep.


With these easy steps to clearer skin. Despite little sleep.

Did you know that your skin is constantly working hard to regenerate cells? Especially at night?

During the day, our skin is in protective mode and works to ward off harmful environmental influences such as smoke, UV radiation, wind and air pollution. In the evening, the actual cell regeneration process begins, which is so essential for a healthy and youthful complexion.

In regeneration mode, the skin works hard against damage, which deprives it of moisture and thus causes the skin to age. Therefore, the nutrient-rich moisturizing care in the evening is particularly important.

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For the maximum effect of Naturalsophy products, it is very important that the skin is first freed from the impurities that come into contact with our skin during the day. Therefore, good skin care begins with cleaning the facial skin so that the skin can absorb the nutrient-rich active ingredients.


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For extremely dry skin, we recommend applying the Organic Wonder Oil as a base after cleansing. With normal or sensitive skin, the Wonder Oil can be applied to the cleansed face with just one drop. This serves as an extra care for the skin and don't be afraid that it will become too "oily". Because the Organic Beauty Cream, made from 100% organic aloe vera direct juice, allows the oil to be easily absorbed into the skin. The Organic Wonder Oil prepares your skin to absorb the active ingredients. You can think of this step like the appetizer before the real meal is served.

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You don't need much of the Beauty Cream, as the concentrated ingredients lay on the skin like a nourishing protective barrier and are gradually absorbed into the skin during the night. So you don't need much, just half to a "hazelnut" size is enough. If there is too much, the skin no longer absorbs the active ingredients and "crumbles" on the face. You can remove the lavishly applied areas with a make-up brush.

It is very important for NATURALSOPHY products with aloe vera juice as the basis instead of water that aloe vera carries all the ingredients into the skin. Thus, not only organic oils and valuable lipids can get into the skin, but also other undesired raw materials, if Naturalsophy products are used mixed with another product with undesired ingredients.

Thus, unwanted ingredients are carried deep into the skin. We therefore recommend using Naturalsophy products on their own and not combining them with other brands.