The perfect mom bag, diaper bag or beach bag, swimming bag, playground bag or NATURALSOPHY shopping bag?

Back then, we had designed the NATURALSOPHY BAG as a "mom bag" that doubles as a large handbag to store all the essentials for yourself and baby on the go. Because it should not only have plenty of space and different compartments to keep all important items such as diapers, wet wipes, bottles, clothing, pacifiers, toys and personal items such as wallets, mobile phones and keys organized. This makes it easier to find everything and have it close at hand. Then it turns out that the size is so perfect that even a yoga mat (rolled) fits in. The 6x inner compartments are perfect as a snack holder, or for storing sandbox toys, sunscreen and flip-flops, as well as perfect for daily shopping.

The bag should also be comfortable and large so that everything you and your baby need when you are on the go can be found in one place. You don't have to carry separate bags for different things with you, you have everything in one bag. This makes packing and transport easier, saving time and effort.

The NATURALSOPHY bag should also be versatile. It can be worn as a handbag, shoulder bag or stroller bag depending on personal preference and comfort. This allows you to adapt the bag to your needs and the occasion. We wanted to have a bag that we can't ONLY use as a diaper bag. Versatile usability is also sustainability. Because a diaper bag can usually only be used for a limited time, which is a shame.

As a mom bag, it should also be washable. We recommend the hand wash / wool wash program of max. 30 degrees.

It also serves its purpose as a laundry separation bag. We have a gold bag for 60 degree laundry or colored laundry, for example, and a black bag for dark/black or 30 degree laundry.

Also great if the man has to take the return to the post office... You can imagine what I mean :D

Ultimately, the NATURALSOPHY BAG not only offers us mums practical advantages in terms of organization, convenience and versatility. It also allows dads or non-moms to have everything we need on the go every day well organized and easily accessible.

shhh by the way. We give you the bag (value 25 euros) with your purchase of 80 euros or more!

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