Bio Shampoo & Duschgel - Organic Wonder Wash für Babys & Kinder

€25,50 / 100 g

Das ORGANIC WONDER WASH ist ein konzentriertes Bio-Shampoo und Duschgel für Haare und Körper, speziell entwickelt für Babys und Kinder. Dieses Produkt basiert auf Bio-Aloe-Vera-Frischsaft und bietet eine natürliche und sanfte Reinigung für empfindliche Haut und Haare.

The ORGANIC WONDER WASH is a concentrated wash gel for hair and body that is suitable not only for babies and children but also for adults. The foaming wash gel, scented with sweet orange oil, cleanses the skin and hair in a natural and gentle way using moisturizing organic aloe vera juice and soothing extracts of calendula and vitamin E. The ORGANIC WONDER WASH is highly concentrated, so a small amount of the wash gel is sufficient to cleanse the body and hair gently. It is free from alcohol, silicones, parabens, methylisothiazolinone, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), PEG, petroleum, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. The wash gel is vegan, certified according to the strict guidelines of natural cosmetics for organic quality, and has dermatologically confirmed skin compatibility.

  • Main ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice (we use 0% filler water), Calendula extracts, Vitamin E, Sugar-based surfactants.
  • Application: Shampoo and Body Wash Gel.
  • Scent: Sweet orange oil fragrance.
  • Target audience: All ages and skin types, including babies, children, pregnant women, and adults.

"The Organic Wonder Wash and Organic Cleansing Serum once again embody the core values of NATURALSOPHY: timeless elegance, exceptional quality, and a sense of responsibility towards people and the environment. These products combine the benefits of certified organic skincare with enticing scents and stunning aesthetics. Our formulation is so gentle that it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Furthermore, we use a biobased packaging solution for our products, made from renewable resources, namely sugarcane."

This Wonder Wash gel for babies and adults contains sugar-based surfactants, also known as milder surfactants, as they offer many benefits compared to more aggressive synthetically produced surfactants. They are much gentler on the skin/scalp, as they are less likely to strip away the natural oils of the scalp and dry out the skin. This helps reduce the risk of dryness, itching, and irritation. Sugar-based surfactants are also more gentle on the hair itself. They effectively cleanse the hair without overly stripping it of oils or drying it out. In contrast, aggressive synthetic surfactants can strip the hair more intensely and compromise the hair's natural moisture barrier, leading to dryness and brittleness. Take a step-by-step approach to natural cleansing to achieve a smooth transition for your scalp and body. It may take a few hair washes for your scalp to fully adapt to the mild cleansing process. www.


Take approximately 3-4 hazelnut-sized amounts of Organic Wonder Wash and thoroughly rub it in wet hands until it foams. To completely remove dirt and waterproof sunscreen from hair and body, we recommend repeating the process.

ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE: Aloe Vera Saft spendet der Haut intensive Feuchtigkeit und wirkt entzündungshemmend, was Hautirritationen lindert.
GLYCERIN: Glycerin ist ein starkes Feuchthaltemittel, das die Hautbarriere stärkt und Feuchtigkeit anzieht.
DECYL GLUCOSIDE: Decylglucosid ist ein sanfter Reiniger, der die Haut nicht austrocknet und biologisch abbaubar ist.
COCO-GLUCOSIDE: Coco-Glucoside ist ein nicht reizender Tensid, der die Haut sanft reinigt und aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen gewonnen wird.
SODIUM COCO-SULFATE: Natriumcocosulfat reinigt effektiv und schäumt gut, gewonnen aus Kokosöl
CHONDRUS CRISPUS POWDER: Chondrus Crispus, auch bekannt als irisches Moos, spendet Feuchtigkeit und enthält reichhaltige Mineralien.
GLYCERYL OLEATE: Glyceryloleat ist ein natürlicher Emulgator, der die Haut geschmeidig macht und die Feuchtigkeit bewahrt.
PARFUM (FRAGRANCE): Parfüm verleiht einen angenehmen Duft und kann aromatherapeutische Vorteile bieten.
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS FLOWER EXTRACT: Ringelblumenextrakt beruhigt gereizte Haut und fördert die Heilung von kleinen Hautverletzungen.
LIMONENE: Limonen ist eine natürlich vorkommende Verbindung in Zitrusölen, bietet antioxidative Eigenschaften und einen frischen Duft.
TOCOPHEROL: Tocopherol, bekannt als Vitamin E, ist ein starkes Antioxidans, das die Haut vor freien Radikalen schützt und die Hautbarriere stärkt.
GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE: Glycerylcaprylat ist ein multifunktionaler Emulgator und Feuchthaltemittel, das antimikrobielle Eigenschaften besitzt.
MARIS SAL (SEA SALT): Meersalz enthält wichtige Mineralien, die die Haut nähren und reinigen.
LEVULINIC ACID: Levulinsäure ist ein natürliches Konservierungsmittel, das antimikrobielle Eigenschaften besitzt und die Haltbarkeit des Produkts verlängert.

Organic vegan certified

Made in Germany

NATURALSOPHY loves animal

Dermatest "excellent"



The development of Organic Wonder Oil is inspired from the science of nutrition in order to achieve the smooth, quick absorbed and nourishing effect, which matches the needs of the delicate, soft baby´s and your skin perfectly.


  • Baby massage oil
  • Skin care during pregnancy  
  • After Sun skin care
  • Bodylotion (mixed with Organic Baby Cream)
  • Body oil
  • Additive for the bath: "melts" in the water without aids such as honey or milk with the scent of lavender and roses.

The Wonder Oil is seed based. The organic sesame oil has an important role in the Organic Wonder Oil. Sesame oil contains vitamin E, which can help to protect skin cells from the damage caused by environmental factors, such as pollution and UV rays. Additionally, it also contains minerals, phytoestrogens, lecithin and a high content of natural antioxidants.

The mixture of organic avocado and almond oils is an all-rounder nourishing natural skin care, which contains vitamins and secondary plant substances such as lecithin, squalane, carotenoids, vitamins A, D, E, phytosterols, alpha-tocopherol and alpha-tocopherol, which is also a skin and metabolically active ingredient. It also contains unsaturated palmitoleic acid, which has regenerative properties.

Vitamin A, which supports cell renewal and protects against DNA damage. Vitamin E protects the cells from free radicals and has an antioxidant effect. Vitamin E also supports the storage of moisture and helps vitamin A to renew cells.
The wonder of Organic Wonder Oil: "melts" in the water without the aid of honey or milk. In addition, the scent of lavender oil and rose oil provide you relaxation and has a calming effect.
The combination of all these nourishing, repairing organic compounds is precisely matched according to the needs of a baby´s and your skin. Because skin care should work in the depth of the skin, not stick to the skin and be rubbed off from clothes.


+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil to prevent stretch marks?

Yes, you can. Organic Wonder Oil is absorbed by the skin like a sponge and nourishes the skin from within, making it much softer, more elastic, and stretchable.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can. Especially after giving birth, your uterus returns to its original size and your skin undergoes a transformation. That's why it's even more important to support your skin with Organic Wonder Oil, which contains high-quality organic oil components that penetrate the skin without alcohol.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil on my breasts?

Yes, you can use Organic Wonder Oil in a variety of ways. During the postpartum period or when your skin is stretching, massaging with a plucking motion is extremely important to prevent tissue from tearing. For nursing mothers, you can wipe off the oil with a warm washcloth before nursing.

+Is Organic Wonder Oil vegan?

Yes, Organic Wonder Oil is even certified as organic and vegan. This means that it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil on sensitive skin?

Yes, we have also tested Organic Wonder Oil (Bio Miracle Oil) on subjects with sensitive skin and obtained very good tolerability as a result.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil in addition to my body butter or body lotion?

Yes, you can. We recommend combining it with Organic Baby Cream. The aloe vera juice in Organic Baby Cream acts as a catalyst, helping the oil penetrate the skin much better and exert its effects on the skin.

+Can my children use Organic Wonder Oil as a body care product?

Yes, Organic Wonder Oil (Bio Miracle Oil) can be used by babies, children, and adults alike.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil as a bath additive?

Yes, Organic Wonder Oil even blends with the bathwater, which is where it gets its name.

+What are the main ingredients of Organic Wonder Oil?

We mainly use seed-based oils instead of nut oils.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil in the morning and at night?

Yes, you can.

+Can I use Organic Wonder Oil on open or injured skin?


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