Are you looking for the best care for the winter days - a replacement for wind and weather cream for you and your baby? Bye-bye dry, sore, red, and irritated skin.

Get ready for the winter holidays - dry, cracked skin due to indoor heating, wind, snow, and cold? Have you found the perfect skincare for winter days? Then try our certified organic serum moisturizer, Organic Beauty Cream, for adults - based on aloe vera juice, squalane, a blend of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and organic oils - without water as a filler, only pure nourishment. It not only pampers dry skin but is also safe for pregnant women!

The Organic Beauty Cream is even more special. Because what we women need is not just intense hydration but also a combination with anti-aging effects.

Lack of sleep, stress, insufficient water, vitamin, and nutrient intake, as well as external environmental factors such as free radicals, air pollution, and dust, put a significant strain on our skin. The skin becomes dry and irritated.

Imagine a bottle of red wine whose ingredients oxidize in an open and unprotected atmosphere, and we describe the taste as "mature." Eventually, the wine oxidizes to the point where not only the colors fade but also the flavor notes are lost, rendering it unenjoyable.

Our skin also interacts with the environment. Environmental pollution, sun exposure, and cigarette smoke cause free radicals on the skin, which can irreversibly damage the skin cells of the epidermis and dermis. This could accelerate the aging process, leading to wrinkled, less elastic, and lackluster skin. Additionally, skin regeneration decreases with age and during stressful situations. The skin cannot repair itself as quickly, resulting in moisture and firmness loss.

Well-cared-for and well-hydrated skin is the best defense against premature skin aging. Enjoy the nutrient-rich moisturizer that deeply regenerates your skin at night and gives you the feeling of fresh, healthy, and well-nourished skin throughout the day.

That's why we have formulated the Organic Beauty Cream with ingredients that can counteract the aging process: This unique moisture booster, with organic aloe vera juice, premium organic oils, and hyaluronic acid, works deep within the skin, providing extra moisture and nourishment to the skin cells. Precious antioxidants provide comprehensive protection against cellular aging and help prevent oxidative stress. The subtle scent of rose geranium indulges you from the moment of application.

Thus, the Organic Beauty Cream is a special serum-like anti-aging combination for our skin. It is highly concentrated and forms a natural breathable protective layer on the skin. To use the Organic Beauty Cream optimally, start with a very small amount and apply it to cleansed skin. Let it absorb into the skin while still slightly damp and then continue with your regular beauty routine. Over time, you can increase the amount used. When the skin cells are fully saturated with nutrients, it may crumble slightly. In that case, reduce the amount used until you achieve the desired result.

Organic Beauty Cream - certified organic, natural cosmetics without fillers.

For your baby and children, our Organic Baby Cream is the perfect match. It is an intensive moisturizer that contains only organic aloe vera juice, without cheap filler water, alcohol that dries out the skin, paraffins, parabens, listed preservatives, or any synthetic ingredients. The Organic Baby Cream is also suitable for teenagers with combination skin, prone to acne, easily irritated skin, or red, dry patches. Aloe vera juice is not only anti-inflammatory, regenerating, and antibacterial but also "regulates" combination skin due to its amino acid content and provides intense moisture. Thus, even youthful skin is protected, nourished, and regulated.

The following ingredients are a must-have:

Our organic aloe vera juice is extracted from slowly matured aloe vera leaves, cultivated under 

controlled organic farming. The nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and mono- and polysaccharides present in aloe vera juice have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, nourishing, regenerating, wound-healing, and moisturizing properties.

The combination of aloe vera with high-quality organic oils such as almond, coconut, avocado, cocoa and shea butter, and beeswax is specifically tailored to the needs of sensitive baby skin. These combinations of active ingredients can be easily absorbed by delicate baby skin, providing nourishment, care, protection against environmental factors, and preventing dryness.

The blend of avocado, jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond oils is extremely suitable for sensitive and dry skin. With their vitamins and natural antioxidants, these oils protect the skin from free radicals, provide moisturization, support cell renewal, enhance the absorption of other vital nutrients, and keep the skin irresistibly soft for a long time.

Beeswax creates a delicate protective film on the skin, guarding against moisture loss and external weather influences.

Organic Baby Cream, Organic Baby Cream, Naturalsophy, certified organic, natural cosmetics for babies.