NATURALSOPHY - Organic certified natural cosmetics

Why we have our products certified with the highest standard of the "Natural Cosmetics Standard for Organic Quality".

An essential component in a care product are the oils; we call it the fat phase. How well the oil works on the skin depends on the quality of the oils used. Both in nutrition and in natural cosmetics, the use of cold-pressed or refined oils is possible.

In contrast to refined oils, cold-pressed oils are much more valuable and of higher quality. During production, the oil is pressed out without the addition of heat, and this careful extraction not only preserves the vitamins and antioxidants, but also the polyunsaturated fatty acids and flavorings in the oil. The disadvantage here is the low recovery of the oil.

Refined oils are obtained by extraction with solvents. Afterwards, the oil obtained is refined and thereby cleaned of undesirable accompanying substances. Thus, the oil production increases, but at the same time many natural nutrients are lost.

In natural cosmetics, too, the oils used are listed in the INCI ("Ingredients") or list of ingredients, both refined and high-quality cold-pressed sesame oil are listed as "Sesamum Indicum Seed (Sesame) Oil". It is therefore not possible for consumers to tell from this information whether it is refined or high-quality cold-pressed oils. This is one of many reasons why the effects and prices of natural cosmetics are so different. Because the effect of the product largely depends on the quality of the raw materials.

Our products are therefore certified according to the very strict guidelines of the Natural Cosmetics Standard for Organic Quality and are checked regularly. This certification not only defines the quality and processing of the ingredients of natural cosmetics, but also requires that, among other things, organic-synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, silicones, paraffins and other petroleum derivatives are not used at all.

Because only the best is good enough for our babies.